About the Film

The Documentary

‘COMPLICIT’ addresses subject matter that is both timely and serious through the use of verite footage of the lives of people impacted by the issues, with sparse use of expert interviews and narration. Touching scenes are balanced with scenes of lighthearted meals and the uplifting solidarity of underground labor meetings and church gatherings.  The film seeks to humanize a largely anonymous labor force that enables our ubiquitous and seemingly indispensable connectivity.

The goal of the film is to raise awareness and engage consumers to pressure the manufacturers of cellphones, tablets and computers to improve working conditions in electronics factories in China. ‘COMPLICIT’ has the potential to help revolutionize the electronics industry toward healthy working conditions and fair employment for young factory workers.

Director of Photography Lynn Zhang and well-known Chinese cinematographer, Sun Shaoguang, capture the lives of young workers with a striking sensitivity to the beauty amidst their struggles.




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